"While I'm not a political figure, I strongly believe it's time we move in a different direction and change the flag."

                                                                   Hugh Freeze

   Head Football Coach, University of Mississippi

"If you're trying to market a product and you have a brand that makes 37-38% of your potential public uncomfortable, would you market that brand?"

Blake Wilson

CEO, MS Economic Council

The Mississippi Onward PAC is a 527 Political Action Committee designed for one purpose, changing the Mississippi State Flag. Our goal is to finance a successful campaign, through mainstream media, social media and grassroots organizing,  to influence our state leaders into having a serious conversation about changing the flag, and ultimately doing so. 

We believe changing the flag will make us more competitive in the global economy.

We believe changing the flag will be a symbolic gesture that will lead to more substantive policy changes.

We believe changing the flag will create a more united Mississippi that is respectful of the cultural diversity that has shaped this state.

We believe changing the flag will send a clear message to the nation that Mississippi is ready to fully take its rightful place in the 21st Century.

If you believe in what we believe, join the campaign to change the State of Mississippi Flag!

"We must always remember our past, but that does not mean we must let it define us. As a Christian, I believe our state's flag has become a point of offense that needs to be removed. We need to begin having conversations about changing Mississippi's flag."

The Honorable Philip Gunn

​Speaker of the MS House of Representatives

About Mississippi Onward PAC