Mississippi Onward PAC

​“The fact is it was a flag that flew over an army that fought to maintain a system of slavery and racial subjugation. So we should understand our history, but we should also recognize that it sends a bad message to those who were liberated from slavery and oppression...Every country and every culture has traditions that are unique and help make that country what it is. But just because something is a part of your past doesn’t make it right.  It doesn’t mean that it defines your future.”

                                The Honorable Barack Obama

​44th President of the United States of America

"If that flag stays on, we're going to take a huge step backwards."

Change the Mississippi State Flag!

We are the Mississippi Onward PAC, the PAC that supports changing the State of Mississippi Flag. In order for the perception of our beloved Mississippi to change, we have the show the world that we have changed.

We need your donations to mount a successful campaign of change. Together, we can create a better future for the Great State of Mississippi.

​​"I think it's up to those of us who feel passionate about it to keep the conversation going."

             The Honorable Bennie G. Thompson
         Member, US House of Representatives

Former US Ambassador John N. Palmer

Founder of SkyTel